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Shingle-Mate® Roof Deck Protection

Excellent-Quality Roof Deck Protection Can Protect And Beautify At The Same Time!

Quality roof deck protection (often referred to as “tar paper” or “felt”) provides an extra layer of protection between your shingles and your roof deck. It helps prevent wind-driven rain (or water from other sources) from infiltrating under your shingles and causing damage to your roof structure or the inside of your home. It will also:

  • Lie flatter than conventional organic felt and reduce “telegraphing” wrinkles
  • Helps allow shingles to lie flat and uniform
  • Result in a better-looking roofing job


Homeowner’s Best Choice

  • Looks Better…
    Fiberglass reinforced, so it lays flatter than conventional organic felt for a better-looking roof
  • Lies Flatter…
    Reduces the “telegraphing” of wrinkles that can occur with conventional organic felts
  • Better Protection…
    Eliminates the need to slit bubbled felt, which may be required when using conventional organic felt (this can compromise the weather-resistant integrity of your roofing system).
  • Peace of Mind…
    Up to a Lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on Lifetime Shingle Roofs

Professional’s Best Choice

  • Avoid Downtime…
    Rolls out quicker than organic felts
  • Reduces Call-backs…
    Due to elimination of bumpy-looking shingle jobs
  • Easier To Use…
    Lighter and easier to handle than #30 felt
  • Versatile…
    Can be applied over plywood, wood plank, and all other approved decks
  • Great Value…
    Competitively priced with #30 felt on a per square basis

Product Specifications (Nominal)

  • Roll length: 144 ft. (43.89 m)
  • Roll width: 36in. (0.914 m)
  • Roll weight: Approx. 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) per roll
  • Approx. coverage: 4 squares (432 sq. ft. [40.13 m2])
  • Florida Building Code approved
  • Meets or exceeds the physical requirements of ASTM D226, D4869, and is UL classified