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Why Synthetic Thatch Roofing

Reed Thatch

Palm Thatch

Quality synthetic thatch roofing is preferable for thatch roofing for commercial and residential structures. You can get the same “feel” with fiber thatch roofing as you do with natural thatch roofing without sacrificing so much money for upkeep costs. Synthetic thatch roofing is even more permanent than natural thatch roofing as it does not rot, it does not decay, it does not gather mold, and it is fire resistant. Here are some other factors wherein synthetic thatch roofing out performs natural thatch roofing.

Lifespan & Maintenance:
With synthetic thatch roofing, you would never have to do so much to maintain your roof. Synthetic thatch roofing lasts for more than 50 years if properly maintained. In case your thatch roof is damaged by a storm or other violent weather, you can simply purchase replacement panels, take down the old damaged roof part sand install the new ones with ease.

Installing natural thatch roofing is very time consuming and you would need highly skilled tradesmen to do the job if you are not one yourself. On the other hand, not only is synthetic thatch roofing material is cheaper, but also installation costs. It is quick to install and no special craftsmen are necessary.

Animal Infestation:
Natural thatch roofing materials such as water reed, palm, bamboo, rattan, and straw could provide a natural habitat for rodents, birds and some insects. To avoid this kind of infestation, it would be best to use synthetic thatch roofing. Synthetic thatch roofing serves the same purpose as natural thatch roofing but does not invite and attract these animals.